Seafood Group

Do something good and talk about it

Founding of a new seafood group for Swiss companies working with fish and seafood with the goal to do beneficial things and actively inform about them. 

After the Gastro Group within WWF Seafood Group has been (shut down) the need for a way to portray the swiss fishing industry grew larger.
As a result, a new independent group has been formed which has the same goals as the original WWF Seafood Group.

All kinds of companies and individuals that can identify themselves with the basic ideas of are welcome to join us. 

For more information, send an e-mail to:

Public relations

Even though the group is focussing on the sourcing of sustainable seafood products, reports and news about the subjects listed below will still appear and be of importance. 

 On its website, its facebook page as well as irs newsletters, publishes reports and interesting facts about the swiss fishing industry 

 New projects in the delicacies market

 News from restaurants and professional kitchens

 New concepts and creative solutions 

 Find the latest creations from Swiss chefs, pictures of different dishes or recipes on 

Goals of

The members of take a stand for a sustainable fishing industry and only rely on viable and certified products.  


 Offering a rich and sustainable product line of fish and seafood for swiss restaurants and specialist shops


 Promoting and enforcing principles of sustainability in fishing management


 Build-up of an offer with recommendable labels, such as MSC, ASC and Naturland

 Counselling partners about sustainability in general and especially about sustainable fishing

 Strengthening of the products from sustainable aquaculture, especially from organic or Naturland sources