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Local delicacies in the restaurant "Neumarkt"

The restaurant «Neumarkt» in Zurich is famous for using only local ingredients. The chefs serve a four-course dinner that perfectly innitiates autumn. 

20 years "Neumarkt"

The restaurant "Neumarkt" in Zurich celebrates its 20 year anniversary and invites for a look behind the scenes.

Lucio Paiano from Certo, Arne van Grondel, Ralf Weber

After an eventful day in the kitchen of the "Neumarkt" restaurant still full of energy. 

Thank you

As ambassador for fish and seafood from sustainable fisheries and close-to-nature aquaculture, I offer a warm thank you for the invite! 


The amazing creatins such as MSC Northern Prawn with cellery or the aromatic longfin tuna (MSC certified) with fried zucchini were a delight on their own!


I hope that, in my work as Fischernetzwerker, I managed to spark interest in the importance of sustainable fishing with the MSC certificate which is one of the best in the world


A big, heartfelt thank you to René Zimmerman and his dedicated team!


Arne van Grondel

Fish & Food Master

Enjoy fish with responsibility - for future generations

Restaurateurs will be make a step towards controlled and sustainable fishing and farming and abandon unrestrained wild fishing. 

Dietikon, Zurich, on the 26th of Novembre 2015

This year, the union of “Table Connaisseurs” promote an offer of fish that is environmentally friendly in restaurants. Their goal is to make consumption of fish and crustacean from controlled farming or local waters more popular. Restaurants, that can identify themselves with this philosophy, are free to register themselves with three different quality labels and will be supported by them. 


The permanent over fishing of all the seas is endangering the lives of countless of sea animals 

The ones that suffer most under this condition are the ones that never get to the final consumer. Approximately 90 millions tons of fish and seafood are caught each year, up to 40 to 60% of which are so-called bycatch that can not be used economically.

“The destruction of the seabed through heavy trawl nets has not even been mentioned yet.” says “Table Connaisseur” president Antje Silke Walker. Her goal is to protect this habitat for future generations. 


Treating our food sources with respect

“Table Connaisseur” is actively working on the conscious and sustainable consummation of fish and seafood in restaurants or canteens.

With help of a clearly defined three-step system that ensures product quality gastronomers and customers are able to find out where the fish comes from.


Chefs, Food & Beverage Managers and restaurant owners who want to do something against the permanent overfishing of the seven seas have three ways of doing so: buying their goods strictly after the guidelines, mark the appropriate fish on their menu and put a quality label on the front door to guarantee that they follow these instructions. 

In addition to that, the service staff will be able to inform customers competently about the origin of the fish and seafood. With these information, the customers can decide whether or not they want to follow the philosophy of “Table Connaisseur”. 


Credibility, reliability and professional competence

Only products that can be proven to origin from farms or local waters can be marked with a label. Products that are labelled with the MSC, ASC or Naturland sign are approved as well.

Arne van Grondel, “Table Connaisseur”-ambassador and well-known specialist for sustainable fishing, makes an important point of this since “only when fish is farmed species-appropriate, close-to-nature and sustainably is can be considered as a true culinary delight”. 


Popular figures

In the last few years, the issue with industrial fishing has become more urgent than ever. To raise public awareness and to cause a conscious change of mind, “Table Connaisseur” is supported by well-known people such as Sir Richard Branson, Kurt Aeschbacher, Fabienne Louves and many more.


Find more details and a list of local fish farms and fishers under

Table Connaisseur Ltd

“Table Connaisseur” was founded in 2015 with the goal to sensitize the public to the consummation of fish and crustaceans from controlled farming or regional waters.

The organisation is formed by six experienced gastronomy specialists who are supported by an expert panel and ambassadors for fish and seafood.

Aiming at restaurants in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries, this association supports its members with consulting and support in merchandising their fish. 



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Enjoy fish with responsibility - for future generations


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Labels that ensure sustainable fish



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